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Staying at capacity for the moment - A few impromptu events have cut my productivity by about 30%. It's going to be a pivotal weekend for my wen design work.By midnight cst tonight I am banking on being in a stride at that point and not even thinking about letting up til 4 sites are complete- not structured, not if ands or buts.
DID YOU KNOW WE LEASE CENTOVA CAST ULTRA-PRO HQ ACCOUNTS - FROM HUNDREDS OF LISTENERS ON THE COMMUNIYHigh-Performance 'SHO U TNODE' to hundreds of thousands in your own dedicated server or VPS.
*what do we have to offer online broadcasters that isn't standard everywhere?
DDoS Filtered 18Gb ps 10 MiL PPS shoutcast server-tweaked IPs COME STANDARD.

A short test drive with Ubuntu 14.10 on Power by local company siteOX. The 'vps' was quick, and the novelty of the server being housed in a tiny retail space in the high-rent, decidedly upscale historic environment of Franklin's public square -less than a mile from my location- had me surprisingly excited about the future partnership potential. Speeds as measured at the console showed a marked difference in uplink class- Our 'turbo' server clocked In consistently at 867down, 963 up
The LINUX on Power clocked in at an entirely different "price point" -SITEOX' results, measured the same way Via's console returned a consistent 56down, 89 up .
Worth noting is that the staff were friendly and helpful, even in a time when they no longer stood to gain any profit or sales from me, at least not for now :) . At the end of the day they have headed to a different niche than the 'traditional server' leasing conpany. So that probably explains the underperforning 100/100Mbit. I guess it also goes without saying they should remove the dedicated server offering from the site and maybe note the co-location service info page with relevant "no vacancy" info.
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