all accounts include:

Experience Consistent, Predictable High Performance Site Functionality 100% of the time. True Resource Allotment. Currently Operating With 24 GB DDR3 RAM.

For ALL sites that utilize SSL certificates- 1 clean DEDICATED Ddos filtered IP address. More of the features professionals need, never "extra".. Always" there" when you need them
- at no additional fee. -

Your Site Will Will Load With Outstanding Speed, All 100% Pure SSD Drive Storage in a RAID-5 Configuration. SSD drives offer i/o performance you can see, feel and benchmark on your own time from the Linux command prompt!
Your Files Are Safe, As With RAID5 we could withstand a drive failure with no impact to site and system services downtime- The bad drive can be exchanged "hot" with no downtime.

Also, Every Customer Site Is Automatically Added To Our Third Party Authority On Server Response Monitoring via