Whats on our desks right now:

I hope everyone has a blessed day.
All accounts come standard with Attracta SEO tools built into the control panel included as a part of every account.

To better focus on providing rock solid website design and hosting we will no longer be providing streaming audio accounts. The sponsored stations will continue on as usual.
Also, DDoS filtering is now STANDARD on all IP addresses originating from the primary Orbitalunderground Server. "haswell" is in development stages coming very close to production-ready.
Added the new online pre-sales and current member live chat support system. I hope everyone finds it useful. With the technology available today it is surprising just how "in-touch" you can be with little effort. I am talking mainly about the android and iOS apps available to connect with the chat panel and carry on business from just about anywhere.
Also added to the to-do list:archive some of this growing 'desk' section of the landing page.
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fyi- Orbitalunderground Solutions is made up of 3 employees, 1ft 2 pt , we work together on every aspect, we operate on a strict code of business ethics, and we are PCI- COMPLIANT*credentials available for inspection upon request (send request via the support ticket system. )

Visit the new "homePAGEdepot.COM Website Construction Materials" Store.It is an initiative I decided to implement for people who choose to build their own web sites. I wanted to ensure that my friends and would-be design clients have an affordable yet, most importantly, reliable network for every material needed for high quality web sites. The store features everything domain names to dedicated servers.


We have partnered with "Google Apps for business" to handle company emails as well as some client email systems. This is an awesome step towards having the "complete perfection" we strive for here at Orbitalunderground. Now, having said that...
We do not offer website hosting as a standalone service.**note as of 04/11/2015 we have made available the homePAGEdepot.com We have not merely "hosted" since 2009. The "Hosting" being done is only in conjunction with a site design and/or other "webmaster" account tasks. It is for that reason important that future would-be customers know that their are no public logins on the turbo-charged server we dedicate to client sites. We do not lease shared hosting space, we have private servers for our 3 current active servers. Each utilizing seperate host names as well as all other domain and sub-domains..our servers each contain many unique DDoS filtered IPs. Our Filter at ion is provided by Black Lotus GRE-tunnel.

moving forward in several areas that had been stagnate lately
2ndWindOxygenSpaDestin.com is just about complete.
Collins Race Team- Nashville, TN is up next.

Staying at capacity for the moment - A few impromptu events have cut my productivity by about 30%. It's going to be a pivotal weekend for my wen design work.By midnight cst tonight I am banking on being in a stride at that point and not even thinking about letting up til 4 sites are complete- not structured, not if ands or buts.
DID YOU KNOW WE LEASE CENTOVA CAST ULTRA-PRO HQ ACCOUNTS - FROM HUNDREDS OF LISTENERS ON THE COMMUNIYHigh-Performance 'SHO U TNODE' to hundreds of thousands in your own dedicated server or VPS.
*what do we have to offer online broadcasters that isn't standard everywhere?
DDoS Filtered 18Gb ps 10 MiL PPS shoutcast server-tweaked IPs COME STANDARD.

A short test drive with Ubuntu 14.10 on Power by local company siteOX. The 'vps' was quick, and the novelty of the server being housed in a tiny retail space in the high-rent, decidedly upscale historic environment of Franklin's public square -less than a mile from my location- had me surprisingly excited about the future partnership potential. Speeds as measured at the console showed a marked difference in uplink class- Our 'turbo' server clocked In consistently at 867down, 963 up
The LINUX on Power clocked in at an entirely different "price point" -SITEOX' results, measured the same way Via Speedtest.net's console returned a consistent 56down, 89 up .
Worth noting is that the staff were friendly and helpful, even in a time when they no longer stood to gain any profit or sales from me, at least not for now :) . At the end of the day they have headed to a different niche than the 'traditional server' leasing conpany. So that probably explains the underperforning 100/100Mbit. I guess it also goes without saying they should remove the dedicated server offering from the site and maybe note the co-location vacancy status.

Orbitalunderground Solutions looks to Canstockphoto.com when we're designing a site and need that 'just right' image. Proceeds from this banner referral go directly towards the yearly premium for our Pro-Tier Soundcloud.com Account.